do's & don'ts

Spray tanning

What to do before a spray tan :

  • Stop using any anti-aging or acne products a week before. These cause dead skin cells to cycle more frequently and may cause your tan to flake off too soon. 
  • Begin exfoliating and moisturizing body a few days before spray tan application if possible. 
  • Do all shaving, waxing and nail appointments BEFORE tan.
  • The day of spray tan lightly exfoliate with a non-oily scrub or loofah and DO NOT apply any lotions or deodorants.
  • Shower at least 30 minutes before the tan if possible. If you shower immediately before, your skin may be too moist and act is a barrier.
  • Have dark, loose, breathable clothing to put on after tan. 

Post tan:

  • Do not shower, sweat or get wet for at least 8 hours. The longer you can wait, the better. 
  • After every shower once your tan has developed, ​MOISTURIZE your skin, this will help it last and look fresh.
  • Avoid anti-aging or acne lotions until you are ready for tan to come off. 
  • The ocean, pools and spas will cause tan to fade faster. 
  • Avoid scrubbing until you are ready for your tan to come off.

Common Questions:

  • How long does a spray tan last ? 

A spray tan can last anywhere from 5 - 10 days depending on how dry the skin is, if you are in water a lot and if you are using a tan extending lotion. It fades as your dead skin sheds and a typical skin cycle is 7 days. 

  • How to remove spray tan ?

​If there are any patches or uneven buildup of the spray tan, you can gently scrub the area to blend it with the rest of the skin or cut a lemon in half and massage into the area. The lemon juice will lighten the spray tan. 

  • Is spray tanning harmful?

​​According to the American Academy of Dermatology, DHA which is the agent in self tanner that temporarily colors the skin, interacts with the amino acids in the dead skin cells resting on top of the epidermis. It is not absorbed into the skin, is FDA approved and has no known side effects ( 

The benefits of a spray tan vs. tanning salons or laying out

We all love a nice, golden tan; makeup goes on better, certain clothes look better, you look a little slimmer and more colors compliment your skin tone. However, some people don't realize how damaging laying in a tanning bed or out in the sun is for your skin. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Melanoma (skin cancer) is the 3rd deadliest cancer for people ages 15-39 and more young women are getting skin cancer than ever before. Below is a picture of a 32 year old woman under a woods lamp. A woods lamp shows imperfections under the skin: hyper pigmentation, acne scarring and black heads. Notice the hyper pigmentation on the forehead, nose and under the eyes. This is all from years of sun exposure and will become more visible as time goes on.      (916) 850-0804

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​A spray tan is a safe alternative that will give you that golden tan without the damage that normally comes with it. If you go to a tanning salon, they will try to tell you that their beds are safer than they used to be but you can get more damage from them than you can possibly imagine:

  • Melanoma
  • pre-mature wrinkles
  • skin rashes
  • ​genital warts
  • skin warts
  • ​flaky, discolored skin patches

​​(Center for Disease Control)

Why put yourself in such a risky position? Aside from the obvious skin problems you can get, the thought of getting any of the above conditions due to lack of proper cleaning, is disgusting and not worth it. 

Get a spray tan and take care of your skin!